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Goodbye Fungal Nail...

First of all, welcome! This is our first blog post! We are going to be updating our blog as much as possible with the team providing some case studies and treatment transformations! This will be a great educational tool to follow us in the life of a Podiatrist and what we see daily. Honestly! It isn't all feet and nails.

Lacuna Method for Fungal Nails ------>

Fungal nail infections is a very common condition we see in clinic daily.

What is a Fungal Nail?

A fungal nail develops slowly over a period of time. It presents with discolouration of the nail (yellow / white). It is also common for the nail to be thick and brittle. And yes, an Odor can be present too :-(

It can be limited to a single nail or spread to infect all of them. If you are prone to athletes foot infection, then there's a chance that the infection can spread onto the nails if it is left untreated.

What is the treatment?

We offer the ever so popular lacuna method for fungal nails. The treatment involves tiny small holes being drilled using very small ball burrs and pointy burrs which are attached onto our vacuum drill machine. These small holes are drilled into the affected nails allowing the medicament - Lamisil anti-fungal spray, to penetrate through the nail and seep down into the nail bed where the fungal spores are living and growing. The Lamisil spray is applied on a daily basis until each review appointment and until treatment has finished and infection is clear.

There are different options out there to treat a fungal nail but we find lacuna to be the most effective and clinically controlled with the podiatrist performing the treatment to a high level. The treatment is usually painless which is also appealing to our patients who have commenced the process. You could go out and spend money on nail paints, that may not work. So we best advise that you attend a Podiatrist to carry out examination of the nail and extent of the infection. Not to mention that the nail needs to be tested for positive or negative result of fungus being present. From the examination, we will be able to advise accordingly what the best course of treatment is for you. Nail paints can work in conjunction with other treatments such as oral anti fungal tablets but not all patients are suitable for this.

Comparison picture

Case study above shows the short space of time that the fungus started to grow out on this patients nail. Our patient was originally in for routine callus and nail care. We then advised that we could try Lacuna to see if we could eliminate the infection. AND....WOW after 3 sessions, we don't have much more to go we hope!. We think another 1 maybe 2 sessions and hopefully this nail has been transformed. Our patient is very happy with the result and so are we!. We do advise that everyone is different and what might work for one person might not work for the other. So we can't guarantee everyone will get a result like this and as fast, but we will work our socks off to persevere and see how your body reacts to the plan. Enquire with us today if you want your fungal nail assessed. 0141 779 9264

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